About Us

The Travel Law Quarterly (TLQ) was an imprint of Oakhurst Academic Press. It was published as a print version and an online version from 2009 to 2014. It was edited by Professor David Grant and an editorial board of leading travel lawyers from around the world.

Previously Professor Grant was Director of the Travel Law Centre at Northumbria University where he founded the International Travel Law Journal and edited it for 15 years. After his retirement from the University he established the TLQ to fill the gap left by the ITLJ.

The aim of the TLQ was to publish articles on the whole range of travel law topics from the widest perspective. To this end it recruited an editorial board of great eminence and published articles from some of the best travel lawyers in the world. The articles, written in plain English, were intended to appeal to a broad range of readers from academics, to legal practitioners, to industry professionals and to students interested in travel law legislation, regulations, and case law.

With the assistance of Vantage Insurance Services, the TLQ website continues today to be a leading resource for lawyers and academics alikeĀ and is supplemented by the TLQ Online version which is free of charge to visitors to this website.

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