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A TV ad for TUI holidays, seen on 3 June 2018, featured a voice-over which stated, “It’s not too late to discover Turkey with TUI from £279 per person this summer … Perfect summer holidays that put you in the middle.”

On-screen text stated “Departures between 01/09/2018 and 31/10/2018 flying from selected airports”.

The complainant, who understood that the departure dates were not during summer holiday period, challenged whether the ad was misleading.

TUI UK Ltd stated that their summer holiday period ran from 1 April to 31 October. They stated that the ad showed both adult-only groups as well as families, and that the reference to summer holidays in the ad was to convey that the offer was available during the aforementioned period.

Clearcast stated that all qualifying information was clearly spelt out in the ad. They stated that the first two weeks of departures were still within summer months, and that it would have been confusing to spell out that the offer covered summer and autumn.

The complaint was upheld. The ASA considered that, in the context of an ad that showed family oriented groups, consumers would interpret the term “summer holidays” to mean holidays available for travel during the calendar months of June, July and August, which were all commonly referred to as summer months and which included the school holiday period.

The ASA acknowledged TUI’s comments regarding their own summer holiday period and the use of both adult and family oriented groups within the ad. The ASA also acknowledged Clearcast’s comments that the first two weeks of departure were still within the astronomical summer period, which ran into September. However, the ASA did not consider that a travel period of September and October only was likely to align with consumers’ understanding of the term in the context of the ad.

Because the offer was not available for travel during the summer months of June, July and August, the ASA concluded that the ad was misleading.

[Source: ASA. 22 August, 2018]

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